Engage patients through

digital health outside the

office visit or hospital stay

Digital Health Prescription Software

Happtique is software as a service (SaaS) that enables providers—both hospital-based and independent—to send the most relevant mobile health applications and digital content to their patients.

Mobile health for your patients

Send your patient a digital health prescription—mRx™—with the apps, documents, and videos of your choice.

Pick your apps wisely

Engagement Score™

Happtique Sets

Indicates an app’s potential to compel consistent use Ready-to-use bundles of apps and digital content arranged by condition
“How do I know which apps to prescribe to my patients?”
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Stay in your workflow

Either way, the patient receives their mRx from you.

Web UI

Use our intuitive Web UI on a tablet or your desktop.



Order sets of apps, documents, and videos from your EHR.


Lower Costs

“People who received enhanced decision-making support ultimately had overall medical costs that were 5.3 percent lower than for those receiving only the usual support.” (Health Affairs 2013)

Improve Outcomes

Patients who learn about their condition and are involved in managing their healthcare are more likely to stay healthy and incur lower costs. (Robert Wood Johnson Foundation 2014)

Build Reputation

90 percent of chronically ill patients would accept a mobile app prescription from their physician (Digitas Health 2013). Give your patients what they want—and position your organization as an industry leader.