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Recommend Apps Better

A platform that helps health professionals Discover and Distribute the best apps to their patients – then seamlessly Review the patient generated health data from the apps.


Hospitals, physicians, nutritionists, and fitness trainers all
use Happtique to incorporate apps into their practices, including:

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“Happtique’s software is user-friendly and reduces the steps that our team takes to provide our patients with the best apps and content. We’re thrilled to be working with Happtique to receive the most important patient-generated app data in order to facilitate continued positive outcomes.” – Dr. Felice E. Haake, Bariatric Center at Riverside Hospital.

Discover new apps or use the ones you already love

Tell us what conditions you are treating. We’ll do the rest.

Easy app recommendation delivery

Get data from apps automatically

Professionally designed reports containing the most important patient data from the apps you’ve recommended to drive more informed decision making.


Security best practices are used, including: PII (Personally Identifiable Information) is encrypted at rest, SSL is required for all connections, and periodic reviews are conducted by outside experts – all compliant with the HIPAA Security and Privacy rules.

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