How to Use EFT Technique to Calm Kids?

Children are not the same as some can express their feelings very well, but some cannot do it that easily. In order to help such kids who suffer from problems like these, EFT is used to help them out. So what exactly is EFT?

It is short for Emotional Freedom Technique, which is sort of acupuncture without the usage of needles, worldwide therapists practice that, and psychologists to help people manage stress. It is a scientifically proven technique that works by tapping some acupressure points on the face and body with fingers along with speaking out the problem faced.

Kids might find it difficult to show their emotions, but they are quite good at explaining about their physical health. Here you can ask them about their physical feeling and help them express it emotionally by relating both aspects.

Does EFT work with kids?

The results produced by using EFT on kids are much faster as compared to adults. This happens because kids are not hunted by “Why’s and how’s” which is normal in adults plus the emotional baggage is much higher in adults, not kids. So, it is easy to and helpful to use EFT and help kids in reducing their bullying, resilience, anxiety, fear, and stress problems. The 8 tapping points:

The 8 tapping points:

  1. Start of eyebrow
  2. Side of eye
  3. Under the eye
  4. Directly under nose
  5. Directly under lips
  6. One inch under the collarbone
  7. Underarm
  8. The fatty side of the hand

The tapping process

You should ask the child to think about his problem. Then you can tell him that if he practices this exercise, he can calm down and think more clearly about his issue that is upsetting him. Next, you should ask him how upset he is and can ask him to rate it on a scale of 0-10. Now ask them to tap the side of their hand and say the problem and accept it. For example: Even though I have this issue, I am doing great in life.

First Tapping point: Tap about seven times using 2-3 fingers between the eyebrows.

Second Tapping point: Tap about seven times using 2 fingers of both hands on the area (boned one) directly under the eyes.

Third Tapping point: Tap seven times using a fist under the collarbone area.

Fourth Tapping point: Tap seven times, wrap your arms around your body and tap the area under the armpit.

For a specific problem, repeat this process at least three times, and if your kid is still upset, you can tell him to do more.

Tap and Talk Technique

In this method, younger children are asked to practice tapping before going to bed at night. You can ask your child about the best and the worst thing that happened on that day. As he counts the events, ask him to tap all the points as described in the process. This will definitely help your child, who does not share much of his emotions.

Specific Event Tapping

This one is about an event that made your child really sad, like bullying at school or failing an exam or getting scolded by teacher or friendship problems.

Ask them to recall the issue and if they are old enough ask them to tell them on a scale of 0-10 how upset they are and if they are a little young, ask them to show it using hands.

Next, ask them to say their problem with acceptance or affirmation of it. For example: “I failed in the exam, but I am a good kid.”

Then ask them to carry out the tapping process and repeat it three times and see that they will be better by the end of the process completion.

Specific Emotion Tapping

This case is especially for a little bigger kid who can name the emotional problem that distressing them. So after they rate it out, all you need to is ask them to start the tapping process even if some steps are skipped, do not worry and carry on with it until you see the benefit of doing it.

Tapping for Sleep

This one is for young little children who cannot fall asleep easily. So they need to say some lines like:

This drifting feeling
drifting off to sleep
Letting go and choosing to relax now
It’s safe for me to let go and fall asleep
I’m safe now
It’s safe for me to drift off to sleep
I am going to sleep now.

This technique will take out all their stress and shift their focus on sleep. This process shall be repeated until the child is asleep. This method works so well that it can be followed in one night only. But there will arise some problems with some kids to adjust with this technique in the beginning but will drive themselves to sleep eventually.


First and foremost, you should be familiar with this technique and be confident about it so that you can teach your kids easily. You should be a role model to your kids so that they mirror you, so for that keep working on yourself.

Do not force this exercise on them. Introduce this as self-help technique so that they are encouraged to work on them using this.

Go slow and work on one issue at a time so that better output is received. Do not give up at all if it is taking little more efforts and time than it should because however you are doing it, at whatever pace, it is definitely going to benefit you and your kid.

When negatives emotions are flushed out, you see a happier and calm kid.