How will family goals make your parenting easier?

family goals

If you are looking to set family goals so that your family feels happy, contended, connected and enjoy each other’s company, you need to do work on it with a good intention.

If you set family goals, you will not have to run after your kids so that they finish their homework and meals. Instead, if you are planning to set family goals properly, you will have a meaningful family life.

Family goals can be short term or long term, but the common thing in both is it is planned involving everyone in the family; which makes the connection much stronger and brings everyone closer. The goals can be serious, funny, the ones which involve volunteering or extra physical activity or saving money for the trip but the benefits of carrying out all these are:

Open two-way communication: The kids in the family willingly share whatever goes in their life and do not hide anything from their parents.

Support and co-operation: As a part of a connected family, they will be a helping hand and offer their help in household tasks like laundry or dishwashing.

According to studies, it said that the kids who used to ignore things might listen to their parents the first time they are asked to do something.

By setting goals like these, children learn a lot that can be helpful for them in their future life. The lesson they get is to set up goals in life and never give up until it’s done completely.

Family members show more affection towards each other as well as show resilience.

How to set goals –

For your help, here are a few steps listed in detail so that you can opt some of these to make planning better and get good results.

Pick one:

Before deciding to talk to your family, you need to choose at least one goal first of all instead of just listing down all the goals you have in your mind. It can be a little too much for your kids in the beginning, so it is best to come up with just one.

Load the first goal beforehand:

You need to set a time frame for discussing your first family goal with everyone in the house. It is best advised to discuss these matters after a fun get-together or party and make sure that you set a reminder in case you have a risk of forgetting to discuss it with kids.

Write it down:

Make it a habit to write down whatever you discuss with your family so that everyone can recall looking at that piece of paper. You can take paste-it notes or a whiteboard for the same.

Don’t Act like a dictator:

If you want your kids to participate in a family goal setting plan, you need to stop being bossy and instead ask them to give their opinions as well. For example, you can say that we both are thinking to donate money to needy people on our birthday every year as a family, what do you think about this idea?

Be feasible:

Everybody has his/her dreams and dreams have no limit, but to set goals, you need to be a little practical and set goals which can be completed, looking for all pros and cons beforehand.

Repeat, write and summarize it:

So when you discuss some goal, write it down, let your kids say something about it and then jot down those ideas in front of them so that they know that they are heard and their opinion is valued. If you think to drop that goal, do not take down those notes as it won’t have a good effect on your kids and they won’t raise their voice and say what they want to.

Once you have discussed it, it’s always considered great to summarise all of it again so that they can keep track of it.

Be more specific:

Once you know your goal like you want to go on a trip to Thailand, you should be more particular about the dates, month, year, amount of money you will need, how much you should save from now onwards so that you can meet the goal and so on.

Know the obstacles and make a plan:

Discuss and ask for input from every family member about the problems that you can face while fulfilling that goal so that when something like that happens, you are ready with plan A.

Talk about encouragement:

There can be times when you feel discouraged as the plans might not work as you must have thought. At that time, this list of motivation will come in handy. So make a list of things that will motivate you so that you all can go through it and come back on track with enthusiasm.

Collect all resources:

There are plenty of places to look out for help to achieve your goals like different websites, books, people, workplaces and what not.

Picture your success:

Share your success image with your family so that they can imagine and feel it too and just by thinking about it, they get motivated and work hard to make it theirs.


So just get dressed up and celebrate when you have finally achieved what you were trying to achieve for months now and share the togetherness and happiness with each other as one big happy family.